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We're talking products.

Michelle LangfordComment

I have always been interested in make up, right back to when I was just a little girl - I actually remember the colour of my No 17 lipstick (Bon Bon) which was one of my very first make up purchases. Little did I know that I was already well in the marketing trap. This blog is just the start of what I want to do in helping women (like me) to stop wasting money on cosmetics that don't do what they say (on the tin!)

How many of you look through magazines and see flawless skin and rush to the shops to try that new foundation, only to realise it looks nothing like that on you?

Everywhere we look we see perfection and beauty, and it is natural for us to also want to try that cream, foundation, eye liner, lipstick - oh the list goes on! So I ask you...If you were to go to your bathroom cabinet or your make up bags and drawers and look through at what you have bought over the years, and maybe used just once or not actually used at all...

 How much money have we actually wasted on these amazing "miracle products"?

As a make up artist I have been lucky enough to find some fabulous products which I believe to be the best for my clients in creating The Perfect Make Up. Yet I still continue to try and test what's new. 

So, a few ways in which we can use these unwanted products is to do a swap party. This is where everyone takes their  products and swaps them for something they may want or need. This can be very successful as well as a great excuse for a girly get together and to add a new addition to your make up bag.

So how about test before you buy? Always ask at the cosmetic counters for a sample to try before making a purchase. Cheeky, but it's better than wasting money.

Additionally we can all help each other. I will be testing some products over the next few months and giving you my opinion on how they last, how they feel and the overall outcome. It would also be great if you can also get involved with feedback on products that you have tried and loved. Before and after pictures would be great if possible or a simple review so that I can share on this blog - I would love to hear from you.

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